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Manufacturing & Technology

Birla TMT Bars, the New Generation Bars are manufactured using the latest technology and produced through highly advanced procedures using State of the art Plant. The manufacturing process goes through multiple quality checks so that the finished product is the best in class available for the customers.

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Superior Quality Bars

Unlike traditional steel bars, Birla TMT Bars have several enhanced properties that make them better in every way. Some of the profound properties of TMT bars include better bending strength, better ductility, malleability, better thermal resistance and better corrosion resistance.

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Quality & Price

To make a positioning in the market, one has to offer the best quality and yet maintain a reasonable price so that the product does not appear costly to the buyer. Despite this, big competition in the market, Birla TMT provides the products that are best in quality, ISO certified and are at par in terms of pricing when compared to other brands in the market.

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About Us

India ka Apna Steel – Birla TMT Steel manufactured and marketed by STPL at Kala Amb in Himachal Pradesh has emerged to become Engineer’s First Choice when it comes to be sure about the strength of the structure.

Birla TMT Steel is operating successfully on the progressive concept of Franchisee Model which continues to attain success in the steel segment across various regions of India. With more and more focus on research and development of all the products, Birla TMT Steel offers a complete package comprising of its brand name and assistance in technology, quality, consistency and marketing of Birla TMT Steel products. The model facilitates the spread of the brand across India and also enjoys customer loyalties by providing the quality products at the most effective prices.

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Looking for a price quote for TMT Bar?

Birla TMT Bars are the certified TMT Bars trusted by top builders and corporate houses for its quality and features. To get the quotation regarding your requirement, Get in Touch Today.

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